CLE & CPE Disclaimers

CLE Disclaimer

The Indiana CPA Society continuing education courses have presumptive approval by the Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education. Attendance at each approved course will be documented by INCPAS and forwarded to ICCLE for their records. It is the sole discretion of the ICCLE to determine what courses will be approved for CLE credit and how much credit can be earned for each approved course. Contact Julia Orzeske, executive director of the Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education, at (317) 232-1945 with any questions. To receive CLE credit, it is your responsibility to request it by signing in on the appropriate form during the course.


The information and suggestions presented at the courses, seminars and institutes sponsored by the Indiana CPA Society are subject to constant change and, therefore, should serve only as a foundation for further investigation and study. Any forms presented at such courses, seminars or institutes are samples only and are not necessarily authoritative. All information, procedures and forms contained or used in such courses, seminars or institutes should be carefully reviewed and should serve only as a guide for use in specific situations.

The INCPAS and contributing authors and lectures hereby disclaim any and all responsibility, which may be asserted or claimed arising from or claimed to have arisen from reliance upon the information or utilization of the information or forms used in such courses, seminars or institutes. The opinions expressed by teachers or course leaders are not necessarily those of INCPAS.

Continuing education courses purchased from INCPAS may be deductible for federal income tax purposes as ordinary and necessary business expenses. Continuing education course purchases are not deductible as charitable contributions. Please consult your tax advisor for individual assistance in specific situations.


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